Travel Blogger Kathy Rudolph Petrino Recommends a Lake Tahoe Adventure

July 21, 2021
Those who read her blog posts know quite well that Kathy Rudolph Petrino is one of the most enthusiastic travelers anywhere. She seems to have an unending desire to see everything in the world as many times as possible. Thankfully for her readers, Kathy also enjoys writing about everywhere she travels and everything she sees. The reason she writes about everything on her blog is because knowledge makes it possible for everyone to have the same great travel experiences she has had, and maybe they can do so without the hiccups. One of Kathy Rudolph Petrino’s favorite destinations is Lake Tahoe, which sits on the Nevada-California border and is not as popular as it should be.

There are few descriptors that can do justice to the sheer beauty that is Lake Tahoe. The lake has long been a favorite vacation spot for people wishing to escape the cities that clog the West Coast, because the air is crisp and clear and the waters of the lake are crystal clear and pristine. Those who visit can’t get enough of the tall mountaintops that surround the lake or the steep granite cliffs that marks the sides of the lake. Lake Tahoe has been called one of the most beautiful bodies of water in North America, but the area around the lake contains many miles of hiking and biking trails, hundreds of picture-perfect vistas and some of the best skiing anywhere outside of Europe.

Blogger Kathy Rudolph Petrino Loves New Orleans as a Destination

April 17, 2021
Her generosity of spirit explains why Kathy Rudolph Petrino loves to write about her frequent travels to such a degree. She wants to visit as many destinations as possible while she’s here, of course, that goes without saying. However, it’s not just about her and having her own fun. She know that, by sharing her travel experiences with others, she can help others enjoy the same travel experiences. Also Kathy Rudolph Petrino knows that, the more people go to her favorite travel destinations, the better off they will be and the more often she can go to each. Kathy writes about every aspect of every trip, including all details about all of her favorite destinations, so people can have the same great experiences.

Among Kathy Rudolph Petrino’s favorite destinations is New Orleans, Louisiana. This is no surprise, of course, many people travel to “The Big Easy” every year for music, food and fun. While the city has had hard times in the last 15 years or so, don’t be discouraged; there is still plenty of life to New Orleans, and that makes it a great place to visit and much different than most other tourist destinations. The first thing most people notice when they go to New Orleansis the scent of the constant cooking of French-inspired Creole and Cajun food that goes on practically 24/7. The city’s also known for the sound of music wafting through the New Orleans air, including the live jazz and blues in the clubs and from the street performers n nearly every block.